Books and Materials

The course syllabus lists all required books and materials and provides ordering information. After you register, purchase your books as soon as possible so that you may be assured of receiving the correct edition of your textbook(s).

Plan ahead and don’t wait until the last minute to purchase your textbooks. There are a variety of price comparison websites available that will help you find your textbook for the price you want.

Some courses have required readings and/or tapes that are available from the IL office, these materials and their costs are listed in the course syllabus. You may include payment for these materials with your registration.

Some courses, literature or history courses for example, require several books which may be available through your local library. When you receive the syllabus, check first with your local library and then order only the books you need.

Visit WWU's Viking Village to post a book for sale or to search (ilearn tagged) Independent Learning books for sale, under the "Exchange" tab.

Be sure to use the "ilearn" tag when posting or searching for Independent Learning books. They are not always the same edition book as those used at WWU for non-Independent Learning classes. 

The Viking Village forum is also a good place to discuss classes or set up study groups with other WWU Independent Learning students. 

Repeat note: when adding a post to Viking Village use the tag "ilearn" in the tag box.

Textbooks for Term-based courses can be purchased through the WWU Bookstore. Use the Verba Price Comparison Shopping link to find the best prices for your online course textbooks. |    Extended Education |   WWU |   360.650.3650