Independent Learning Staff

Maggie Barklind
Assistant Director
College Hall 101

Kris Lewis
Program Support Supervisor 2
College Hall 103

Mary McLachlan
Program Assistant
College Hall 131

Alesha Perrin
Program Assistant
College Hall 103

Independent Learning Faculty

Michael Bajuk email
Senior Instructor, Dance Department
B.M. in Music Composition, Western Washington University
M.S. in Music Technology from IUPUI

Course taught: Dance 108
Interests: K-12 music education, music composition and audio engineering

Amber Sudduth Bone website | email
Affiliated Teaching Faculty, Music Department
Voice – DMA & MM, University of Washington; BM, University of Hawaii

Courses taught: Music 104 and Music 205
Interests: Higher education curriculum design and voice pedagogy

Paul Buell email
Instructor, Center for East Asian Studies
Ph.D. University of Washington

Courses taught: East Asian Studies 201, 202, 210, 314, 367, and 368
Interests: East Asian history and culture, the history of the Mongols, and traditional Chinese medicine.

Alecia Buonocore-Elvstad email
Instructor, Department of Accounting

Courses taught: Accounting 240
Interests: Accounting Information Systems

Barbara Collamer email
Ph.D. Arizona State University

Course taught: Psychology 119

Keith Craswell email
Professor Emeritus, Mathematics Department
Ph.D. University of Washington

Courses taught: Math 107, 112, 156, 157 and 240

Susan Amanda Eurich email
Professor, History Department
Ph.D. Emory University

Courses taught: History 112 and 390
Interests: Early Modern Europe, France

David Fewings website | email
Associate Professor, Finance & Marketing Department
BSc, University of Manitoba; MBA, PhD, University of Toronto

Course taught: Finance 216 and 341
Interests: Finance

Geraldine Forsberg email
Instructor, English Department
Ph.D. New York University

Course taught: Communications 416
Interests: Media ecology, media theory, media and cultural studies.

Rebecca Goodvin website | email
Assistant Professor, Psychology Department
Ph.D. University of Nebraska

Course taught: Psychology 230
Interests: Self-understanding in early childhood and emotional development.

Gabe Gossett email
Librarian for Extended Education Research & Research Services

Course taught: Library Science 201 and 402

Martin Granier website | email
Director, Internet Studies Department
PhD, University of Oregon

Course taught: Computer Science 102

Shaw Gynan email
Professor, Modern & Classical Languages Department
PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Course taught: Linguistics 204
Interests: Bilingual Education and Paraguayan Bilingualism
Pam Hardman email
Senior Instructor, English Department
ABD Brown University; MA University of Toronto

Courses taught: English 270
Interests: 19th and 20th century American literatures and cultures, women’s studies, and critical theory.

Howard L. Harris
Professor Emeritus, Anthropology Department
M.A. University of Missouri

Courses taught: Anthropology 330

Robert Keller email
Professor Emeritus, Fairhaven College
Ph.D. University of Chicago

Courses taught: Environmental Studies 308, History 390 and 391
Interests: Political and legal activity on environmental issues, National Parks and Native Americans and theology.

Kathleen Kuba email
Visiting Instructor, Anthropology Department
MA - Anthropology University of Washington;
B.S. Education - University of Missouri-Columbia

Course taught: Anthropology 201
Interests: International Education, Cultural Education, Museum Education, Informal Education

Pam Kuntz email
Senior Instructor, Dance Department
BFA University of Montana; MFA Boston Conservatory

Course taught: Dance 232
Interests: Choreography, community dance and arts education for children

Pamela LaBorde website | email
Associate Professor, Finance and Marketing
MPA & DBA Louisiana Tech University

Course taught: Finance 215
Interests: Corporate Finance, Investments, Mergers & Acquisitions

Anne Lobeck email
Professor, English Department
Ph.D. University of Washington

Courses taught: English 370 and 436
Interests: Syntactic theory in linguistics

Nicholas Margaritis email
Senior Instructor, English Department
Ph.D. University of Virginia

Courses taught: English 281, 282, 283 and 339
Interests: Greek and Roman Literature; Medieval Literature; Shakespeare; Comparative Literature (with special interest in 19th and 20th century French and Russian Literature).

Richard Mayer email
Professor Emeritus, Environmental Sciences
Ph.D. Yale University

Courses taught: Environmental Sciences 101 and 310 and Environmental Studies 202, 306, 307 and 406
Interests: Water chemistry, groundwater quality, drinking water issues, pesticide transport, and the fate of organic chemicals in the environment.

Lee McClain website | email
Instructor, Finance & Marketing Department
MBA, University of Pennsylvania

Courses taught: Decision Sciences 205 & and MIS 220 & 320
Interests: Management Information Systems and finance

Richard Merrill email
Instructor, Dance Department

Course taught: Dance 232
Interests: Choreography.

John Miles website | email
Professor, Environmental Studies
Ph.D. The Union Institute

Course taught: Environmental Studies 305
Interests: Conservation history, environmental ethics, nature writing, and experiential and environmental education.

Kate Miller email
Instructor, Women Studies Department
Ph.D. Divinity University of Chicago

Course taught: Women Studies 212
Interests: Women studies, comparative racial and ethnic studies, multiracial identity, GLBT studies.

Tom Moore email
Lecturer, Liberal Studies Department and Honors Program advisor
Ph.D. Divinity University of Chicago

Courses taught: English 216 and Liberal Studies 123 and 232
Interests: Religion, literature and poetry.

Laura Overstreet email
Visiting Professor, Sociology Department

Courses taught: Sociology 260

James Orr email
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, WWU Counseling Center
Ph.D. University of Florida

Courses taught: Psychology 101 and 250

Nancy Pagh email
Instructor, English Department
Ph.D. University of British Columbia

Courses taught: English 350 and 354
Interests: Creative writing, literature and cultural studies.

Daniel Purdy website | email
Associate Director, Finance and Marketing
BA, Western Washington University, MBA, Western Washington University

Course taught: Marketing 380
Interests: Strategy, Integrated Brand Development, Integrated Marketing Communications.

Donna Qualley email
Professor, English Department
Ph.D. University of New Hampshire

Courses taught: English 347
Interests: Theories and practices of teaching and learning.

Mark Springer website | email
Associate Professor, Department of Decision Sciences
PhD, Vanderbilt University

Courses taught: OPS 360
Interests: Management

Sara Stamey email
Instructor, English Department
MA, Western Washington University

Courses taught: English 351, 451 and 456
Interests: Creative writing, primarily fiction, as well as editing & publishing.

Ozan Sula website | email
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
Ph.D. Claremont Graduate University

Courses taught: Economics 206 and 207
Interests: International finance, macroeconomics, and money and banking.

Shurla Thibou email
Instructor, Women Studies
MA Western Washington University

Courses taught: Women Studies 314
Interests: Women and literature, Caribbean women, women and the prison industrial complex.

Rosemary Vohs website | email

Courses taught: Education 309
Interests: public speaking, reader's theatre, and oral interpretation of literature events |    Extended Education |   WWU |   360.650.3650