Who should take classes?
What are the benefits?
What is the cost?

Term-based and Contract Study Courses
Tuition $250 per credit Fall 2012 through Spring 2014
Summer Quarter Term-based and contract study courses are run through Summer Session

Self-paced Courses
$131 per credit Fall 2013 through Summer 2014

Registration Fee:
$25 nonrefundable fee each quarter

What are the deadlines for registration?
How do I pay for an Independent Learning class?

Once your enrollment has been confirmed, payment is due to the WWU Student Business Office online, in-person, or by mail:

**Students can access Web4U at www.wwu.edu/Web4U or through MyWestern

Do I need access to the internet to take an Independent Learning class?

Yes, course syllabi and materials are posted online in Canvas for both Term-based and Self-paced courses.

Can I earn a college degree using only Independent Learning credits?

No, but Independent Learning courses may be used in addition to coursework on campus toward a degree.

Are Independent Learning courses easier than on-campus lecture classes?

While attendance at a lecture is not required, the substitute for lecture time is often additional reading, research or in an online course, electronic discussion.

Can WWU students take all their classes through Independent Learning?

Independent Learning courses are a supplement to, not a substitute for, on-campus classes. Once admitted to WWU, students are required to take classes through the Bellingham campus or their off-campus site fall, winter and spring quarters in order to maintain their status as a WWU student. It is permissable to combine on-campus offerings with courses selected from Independent Learning.

Can students complete Independent Learning courses as fast as possible?

Term-based Online courses follow the schedule of the academic quarter and are completed at the pace designated by the instructor.
Self-paced Independent Learning courses are self-paced within the following guidelines - minimum time allowed is 7 weeks, with the exception of classes with lessons under 6, and the maximum time is 6 months.

Can I transfer the credits?

The acceptance of transfer credits is always at the discretion of the receiving institution. Before enrolling, check with the school to which you wish to transfer credits.

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