General University Requirements (GURs)

Courses that satisfy General University Requirements (GURs) at WWU are designated by an asterick (*) following the course number. Letters at the end of the course title indicate which GUR the course satisfies. GURs available through IL are listed below. A full explanation of GURs may be found in Western’s General Catalog. Courses which are to apply to General University Requirements must be taken on an A-F grading scale. They may not be taken with Pass/No Pass grading for GUR credit.

indicates Term-based online courses that have fixed start/end dates corresponding to WWU's quarter.

Communication Block B (BCOM): Communication Block C (CCOM): Gender and Multicultural Studies Block A (ACGM): Gender and Multicultural Studies Block B (BCGM): Humanities (HUM): Natural Sciences (SCI/Non-Lab): Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning (QSR): Social Sciences (SSC): Writing Proficiency
The courses listed below have the option to be taken to fulfill WWU’s writing proficiency requirement, or as a standard course. |    Extended Education |   WWU |   360.650.3650