Lesson Submission and Exam Requests

Submitting Assignments
Studies have shown that students who begin turning in their first lessons within two weeks of registration are more likely to complete the course than those who wait longer. Set up your own schedule for submitting work and mark your calendar.

Since Western operates on the quarter system, courses are designed to be completed in ten or twelve weeks just like the regular academic quarter. Although students in the Self-paced classes may have as long as six months to complete the course work, deadlines such as graduation, financial aid, or other requirements may dictate that the course be completed by those deadlines.

Term-based Online
Online classes at WWU are delivered using “Canvas,” a web-based instruction environment accessed using the internet. Students will submit assignments, participate in discussions and take exams on a weekly basis in Canvas.

Self-paced Independent Learning
Students may submit lessons by mail, fax, in-person or for some classes by e-mail. Lessons are not submitted directly to the instructor. The syllabus contains complete information for submitting assignments.

Drops for non-completion
Course credit is registered on the quarter that you enroll for the course. For Self-paced courses that may extend out to six months, however, the credit will show on the student’s transcript but not be applied to the GPA or overall credit load until the course is completed. If you do not complete your course work or apply for an extension by the expiration date, the enrollment will be canceled and a W for withdrawn will be applied to the transcript.

Whenever feasible, examinations for Self-paced courses are administered in the WWU Testing Center. If it is not practical for you to come to Bellingham, you may make arrangements to have your examination proctored by an education official or librarian in your local community. Exam request forms are available in the course syllabus or online under Resources.

Exam Request Form
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