Lesson Cover Sheet

Exam Request Form  (print, fill out and e-mail or U.S. postal mail this form)

Extension Request Form (print, fill out and e-mail or U.S. postal mail this form)

Course Evaluation Form (print, fill out and e-mail or U.S. postal mail this form)

Withdrawal Form

Registration Form - Term-based Online Courses
Registration Form - Self-Paced Independent Learning Courses
(print, fill out and U.S. postal mail this form)

Requesting Exams
Whenever possible, examinations are administered in the WWU Testing Center. If it is not practical for you to come to Bellingham, you may make arrangements to have exams proctored by an education official or librarian in your local community. Some examples of acceptable exam proctors would be: a certified librarian; school superintendent; principal; counselor; professional staff member of an adult or continuing education office, counseling center or testing center at a college or university; or a U.S. Armed Forces Educational Services officer. Relatives, no matter what their position, may not serve as proctors.

Exam request forms are available in the course syllabi or on the Independent Learning Resources – Forms above.

Accessing Final Grades
  1. Login to Web4u
  2. Follow the directions to login with your universal account or if you are a former student login with your W#.
  3. Contact the Registrar's Office at 360-650-3430 if you need assistance accessing your W# or pin.
  4. Click on “Student”
  5. Click on “Student Records”
  6. Click on “Academic History.” If you have a student accounts, loan repayment, or exit interview hold, you will not be able to view academic history and will need to view the “Final Grades” option.
  7. Click on “Order Official Transcript.” To request and pay for an official transcript online.

If you need a printed copy of your grades reflecting your name, the “Academic History” is the option you should choose. These records are for the student’s use only. For use in employment or other academic institutions, these copies will not be accepted, i.e. WWU Placement Office will not accept these copies.

Current quarter grades are posted once a quarter. Grades are not considered final until the Thursday after commencement. Official transcripts are available at the end of the quarter in which courses are registered. If a course is completed mid-quarter and transcripts are not available, an official verification letter can be sent. Contact the Independent Learning for more information.

Transcripts are available from the Registrar’s Office.

Library Services
Western Libraries provides document delivery and interlibrary loan services to students enrolled in courses through Independent Learning. Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery services include mailing books and videos to your home address, making copies of articles from journals and sending them to you via email and getting books and articles from other libraries.

To use Library Services or get information on citing sources visit the Western Libraries website.

Disability Information
Students with academic accommodation needs should visit the Disability Resources for Students website to learn more about the programs and services available through WWU.

Veterans and Armed Forces Information
Veteran's Services Office |    Extended Education |   WWU |   360.650.3650