Tips for Western Students

Academic Regulations
Enrollment in only Independent Learning courses during the regular academic year does not maintain matriculated status for a Western student. Once admitted to the university, students are required to take classes on campus each quarter: fall, winter, spring. Students may take a quarter off by filing an application for readmission with the Office of Admissions.

Guidelines for Academic Departments
If you plan to take a Self-paced Independent Learning course from another university to count towards a major at WWU, always check with the department BEFORE registering for the course.

English majors/minors are limited to 10 credits earned in English through independent learning to be applied to the major/minor only.

All majors are limited to 15 credits as general electives from courses taken with Extension (EXT) prefix.

Credit Load Limitations
Think carefully about your workload from other classes you may be taking before enrolling in an independent learning class. The maximum credit load at WWU is 20 credits per quarter. |    Extended Education |   WWU |   360.650.3650