Western’s University Residences provide residential living designed to support your academic success, civic engagement, healthy relationships, inclusive communities, and personal wellness. Residential communities offer a rich variety of options for your social life, special living choices (including quiet or alcohol-free communities), leadership, and employment.  For your convenience and safety, campus living features cable TV, direct Internet and Ethernet connections, computer labs, security patrols, and evening shuttle service. 

Exchange students generally live in Buchanan Towers, a residence hall which has been designated an international community, or Birnam Wood, an apartment-style complex. Buchanan Towers (BT) is home to the iBoard, a student group that plans internationally-themed events within the residence hall. Residents of BT are required to purchase a meal plan, which enables them to eat at a range of campus dining locations. Birnam Wood residents are not required to purchase a meal plan -- apartments are equipped with full kitchens, but residents will need to supply their own pots and pans, bowls, etc -- though they may buy a meal plan if they so choose.






International scholars may live on campus in designated apartments within the Buchanan Towers and Fairhaven residence halls. Ask your department to contact Guest Housing to request space on your behalf.


WWU’s Off-Campus Housing Registry is an excellent place to find both housing and roommates. Off-campus listings also are posted on the 5th floor of the Viking Union, just outside the Post Office.

Many students and scholars use craigslist when searching for off-campus housing, though it is important to be wary of potential scams when using this site. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is! It is always recommended that you visit a rental property in person before signing any kind of lease or contract.


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