J-1 Students: On-campus Employment

J-1 students may work on campus under the following conditions:

  • Employment pursuant to the terms of a scholarship, fellowship, or assistantship
  • Employment on the premises of the school you are authorized to attend (WWU)

Employment must total no more than 19 hours per week, except during school breaks and the annual vacation quarter. Your on-campus employment must be authorized in advance. The employment can be authorized up to 12 months at a time. Notify your ISSS advisor, who will update your SEVIS record. The SEVIS record update is the authorization. Email your ISSS advisor with the following information:

  • Employer name (WWU hiring department)
  • Employer address
  • Number of hours per week
  • Employment start and end date
  • Whether or not the employment relates to a scholarship, fellowship, or assistantship, or if it simply occurs on the WWU campus


Page Updated 11.22.2017