Events That Require DS-2019 Updates

Program Extension

If you are allowed to extend your exchange at WWU, you must request an extended DS-2019 before your current DS-2019 expires.

Changing Schools

You must register full-time at the WWU since WWU is the school listed on your DS-2019. If you are allowed to transfer to another school by your home university, contact ISSS prior to completing your final quarter at WWU.

Name Change

The name on your DS-2019 should match the name on your passport. If you change any part of your legal name—first/given name, middle name, or last/family name—on your passport, this change should be reflected on your DS-2019. Conversely, if you want a different name on your DS-2019, ISSS will wait for you to change your passport first, before updating the DS-2019. Note that SEVIS is a separate database from the WWU database.

Page Updated 11.22.2017