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Rachel Mummey

Originally from Iowa City, Iowa, Rachel has spent the last two years working towards a Master’s in Photography from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

During that time her work has been featured in Photo District News and News Photographer magazines and online at New York Times Lens Blog, The Neiman Storyboard, Multimedia Muse and Kobre Guide websites.

Most recently she was awarded as the 65th College Photographer of the Year with stories placing gold and silver in the documentary category as well as gold in individual multimedia story. Her photography has also been recognized by Pictures of the Year International. She was awarded the 2010 Kit King Scholarship by the National Press Photographer’s Foundation.

Rachel spent the summer of 2010 interning at The Virginian-Pilot, followed by a fall internship at The Palm Beach Post. Currently she's at a six month internship at The Herald in Jasper, Indiana.

Driven by in-depth narratives, she continues to work as a documentary photographer on longterm projects about people and issues that inspire her.


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