WWU Landscape Observatory

Welcome to WWU’s Landscape Observatory!


We have created this web site to help students investigate dynamic evolution of landscapes through the use of live web cams and digital time-lapse imagery. By combining these elements on the web, we hope to provide you with a new understanding of and appreciation for the rates and mechanisms of landscape development.

The Concept: Landscapes are dynamic features that can change rapidly, even on human time scales. Often, however, the processes are too slow to witness directly, particularly within the constraints of a quarter-long or semester-long class. In this web, we’ve constructed web cams to record the development of two very different landforms:

  1. a stream-table delta
  2. a large, natural landslide

Each landform provides different environments to explore. The delta develops very rapidly (a matter of days), in a very controlled setting, and can be repeated or modified in a myriad of ways. The landslide, in contrast, is a wholly natural phenomenon that responds to a complex and uncontrolled set of variables that we are only just beginning to investigate.

Explore our web site and see these landforms develop before your eyes.

Page Updated 10/23/2018