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Landslide-Cam Time-Lapse

This time-lapse movie shows 2.5 years of movement of the Swift Creek landslide on Sumas Mountain in northwest Washington. The links below will open viewer windows and download the movies (32 seconds running time). The version on the left is lower resolution (6.6 MB); the one on the right is high resolution (35 MB). Swift Creek landslide is a 0.5 x 1.5 km slump/earthflow. The view in the movie is the unvegetated bottom 300 m. The landslide is rooted in sheared serpentine. The main mass moves 4-5 m/year (notice the large blocks move slightly relative to the trees in the background). The very apparent shallow sliding on the unvegetated toe sheds a large volume of serpentine sediment into Swift Creek.

playloqualityvideo playhiqualityvideo