Top Ten FAQs for LEAD

  1. What is LEAD?
    Learning Environment Action Discovery, formally known as LEAD, is an environmental AS organization on Western Washington University’s campus.

  2. What does LEAD do?
    We strive to improve environmental conditions necessary for ecosystem stability, biological diversity and abundance through communal collaboration and hands-on experience during work parties.

  3. What do I wear to a work party?
    We recommend that volunteers wear warm clothing, layers, waterproof shoes and a water bottle to stay hydrated. We will provide the work gloves, tarps, buckets and tools.

  4. How do I join a work party?
    You can go to Work Parties to register for any work party with openings. Volunteer sign-ups and current events can be found there as well. Any questions can be sent to our email,

  5. How many hours will I work?
    The amount of hours a volunteer works depends on how much involvement is wanted in the club and the number of work parties the volunteer signs up for. Work parties take place every weekend for two hours.

  6. Who are you affiliated with?
    We are affiliated with Western Washington University, Huxley College of the Environment, City of Bellingham, NSEA and Land Trust.

  7. What drives your work?
    Our work is for the community, individual passions and the local environment.

  8. Where do you meet?
    It varies depending on the work party, see our Work Parties

  9. Who can join?
    We strongly encourage anyone in the community to join. A volunteer does not have to be a student from Western Washington University and can be any age above eight years old.

  10. How do I contact this organization?
    The best way is via e-mail:

    Mailing Address:
    LEAD Office, MS9106
    Western Washington University
    516 High Street
    Bellingham, WA 98225

Page Updated 07.11.2014