Spring FIG Cluster #1: Mentoring for Justice & Sustainability

(only 7 spaces are available!)

This new course is a collaboration between Huxley College of the Environment, Compass 2 Campus and North Cascades Institute's Mountain School.

Why is this FIG important?

According to a 2014 Presidential report, "In 1990, the U.S. ranked first in the world in four-year degree attainment among 25-34 year olds; today, the U.S. ranks 12th. While half of all people from high-income families have a bachelor's degree, just 1 in 10 people from low-income families do."

Meanwhile, the journal Nature reports, "Human activities are pushing Earth toward a "tipping point" that could cause sudden, irreversible changes in relatively stable conditions that have allowed civilization to flourish." In this course, you will actively participate in ways to support positive change through lectures and service learning.

About the FIG:

>> WWU Students learn about institutionalized social justice issues pertaining to preparing underrepresented 5th graders for college.

>> Using fun College Access activities, each WWU student becomes a service learning coach in one 5th grade classroom and during that classroom's 2.5 day visit to North Cascades Institute's Mountain School.

>> While at NCI, coaches highlight STEM and Environmental study skills as well as the importance of incorporating sustainable practices into any profession.

>> Students will be attending Mountain School either May 8th-10th or May 10th-12th depending on assigned classroom. Absences from ENVS 202 and C2C 203 are pre-approved.

>> This is a totally unique new opportunity for Western Washington University and Washington State.

>> Questions? Wendelin.Dunlap@WWU.edu

Required Course Cluster:
Students must co-register for all 3 courses and contact Wendelin.Dunlap@WWU.edufor instructor approval so she can make sure that each student understands the format of the class and Mountain School responsibilities.
Class Instructor Days/Time Room Credits GUR CRN
C2C 203: Mentoring Towards Social Justice Lecture/Lab Melissa
Van Straten
TR 8:30-09:50am +
4 hrs of lab F 11:00-3:00
Description: Introduction to critical and cultural issues in education through service learning in local participating school districts. Required field work experiences are integrated into academic studies that connect multi-cultural civic engagement to structure their research, reflection and discussion. This integrated service learning approach promotes the development of new social perspectives and broadens students’ world views.

ENVS 202: Environmental Studies and Sustainability Kate Darby TR 10:00-11:20am FR 201 3 HUMANITIES (HUM) 23935
Description: A basic overview of environmental issues in the United States and globally. An emphasis will be placed on environmental and human sustainability in a social science context.

SMNR 101: Perspectives on Learning Wendelin Dunlap T 1:00-2:20pm TBD 2 - 23938
Description: Make connections with professors and peers and examine perspectives across different fields of study. Learn to find and evaluate information and collaborate with peers through discussions, projects, and presentations. Explore academic goals, campus resources, and enhance skills for learning in college.

Requires Instructor approval

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