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Western Washington University has hundreds of student leaders on campus, and even more emerging leaders.  As students, many of you serve in paraprofessional leadership roles in your academic departments, academic institutes and centers, student governance, service learning, pre-professional and co-curricular club leadership, assisting student service and support offices and so on. Your leadership development is important.

LEADS Courses for Student Leaders/Emerging Leaders/Students

Besides getting involved on campus, attending leadership lectures and events, attending various leadership training modules offered, developing your leadership e-portfolio to document your leadership experiences, you can enroll in 2 LEADS-affiliated courses as a part of your leadership education at WWU:

LDST 340 Paraprofessional Advising – Peer Leadership Education (LeaderCorps class)

Ideal for freshmen and sophomores, this course teaches students to teach leading to other students.  LDST 100 or LDST 101 are ideal couses to take before you take LDST 340 LeaderCorps class, but you can also directly register for this course with no prerequisites, just your interest and experience in leading and/or teaching. You can find out more at our LeaderCorps webpage.

LDST 420 Foundations of Student Leadership

Ideal for upper level students.  In this course you have the opportunity to reflect on and document your leadership experience to leverage your leadership education and experiences in the job market or graduate school post-graduation. LDST 420 students also develop professional posters on various leadership principles and practices.

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