Student Leadership Opportunities:

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Becoming a Volunteer or Paraprofessional Student Leader in the Division of Enrollment and Student Services

Student leaders are a vibrant part of the Division of Enrollment and Student Services (ESS). Paraprofessional and volunteer student leaders in various roles receive leadership learning and coaching while supporting other students across campus. Students who participate in these ESS volunteer and paid student leadership opportunities were found to have capacities for leadership for social change that exceed the national and local random samples, and many comparison student leader samples at other universities across the country; this research, conducted at WWU as a part of a national study, the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership, suggest that these leadership opportunities are excellent experiences for WWU students.
Here are many of the student paraprofessional and volunteer leader opportunities within Enrollment and Student Services:

To view current job openings for students on and off campus, including some of those above and other paid student leadership opportunities, please visit the Student Employment Center Website.

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