2012-2013 Events

The following community leaders were engaged in an open discussion with LDST 101 and 450 students. The 101 panels began with formatted questions from Dr. Garcia and ended with a Q&A with the students particupating. The 450 discussions occured in a small group format.

Scholar's Week

Saturday (5/18/13), 3-4 pm


Western's Leadership Advantage (the LEADS Program and Karen W. Morse Institute for Leadership) hosted a panel of student leaders sharing their critical leadership studies and leading experiences through WWU. The panel included upper level student leaders who founded LeaderCorps, were Instructional Assistants in LDST 100 and 101, and who lead in other campus/off-campus roles.  The panel was an opportunity for them to share stories of their leadership journeys at WWU and includes a Q&A session.

Leaders in Residence

Chris Vance - Leader in Residence - Politics

Former Chairmen to the Washington State Republican Party, State Legistlator, King County Councilman

Tuesday, 2/26/13

Leading as a Student - Service Panel

Thursday, 2/21/13






Madeleine Neuman, post-baccaureate graduate with a degree in secondary education

Ben Neyman, Senior in the WWU Business Program, accepted into Masters program

Georgia Bailey, Studying Elementary Education and Employed by Compass to Campus




Wes Herman - Leader in Residence - Business

Founder and CEO of the Woods Coffee

Thursday, 2/14/13


Nancy Steiger - Leader in Residence - Non-Profits

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Mission Officer of PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center

Thurday, 1/31/13


Dr. Thomas Keegan - Leader in Residence- Education

President of Skagit Valley Community College

Thursday, 1/17/2013



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