Volunteer with our Virtual Mentor Program

Wright's Triangle
"Wrights Triangle" 1978 by Richard Serra

Nothing teaches leadership better than experience.  Our Introduction to Leadership Studies (LDST 101) embraces this concept. Through our Virtual Mentor Program, we can enable you, in a structured environment, to share your experiences as business, not-for-profit, and government leaders with our students. We know that each of you can help students connect leadership practice with theory and make their leadership journey a greater reality.


**Please note that the Virtual Mentor Program is currently full as of January, 2015.**

What is the Virtual Mentor Program?

We have openings for our January term for 120 Virtual Mentors from all backgrounds to come and engage in carefully moderated dialogues with students enrolled in Leadership 101.

In this course, each student is tasked to "Lead a Conversation about Leadership with a Professional" by communicating with you, virtually through Google Groups, to share concepts from the course, solicit feedback on professional communication, and discuss what leadership means to those currently practicing it.

Your commitment can be as little as replying to the questions asked at five discrete times by the student, or you may continue a running dialogue. You can become part educator, part mentor, part coach in a student’s journey into leadership. Since this experience is embedded in a ten week course, it is important that your involvement as a volunteer mentor is synchronized with the student's schedule beginning in January and ending in early March.

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