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"Feats of Strength" 1999, Tom Otterness, Bronze

Leadership Studies 101

Begin your leadership journey in a class with faculty led interactive lectures and discussion groups facilitated by your fellow students. Develop a deeper understanding of how you lead and how to grow your leadership with your fellow students.

Your student facilitator discussion leader will be enrolled in Leadership Studies 450. These student facilitators are selected for their diverse leadership experiences and they will assist you on your journey to define leadership and what it means to you being a leader.

Leadership 101 satisfies five credits toward the Social Science (SSC) GUR requirement. Enrollment in the class is capped at 120 students. Students participate both in lectures and in small group discussion sessions.

A special feature of this class is that you will connect with alumni and professionals interested in helping you learn about leadership.  You will actively lead a series of conversations on leadership in practice. 

Through this dialogue you will connect course learning to life beyond the university and develop a meaningful relationship with a professional. And who knows - you may work for them someday!

Leadership Studies Program Objectives

Course Description LDST 101: Intro to Leadership Studies An introduction to leadership theory, research and practice in small groups, organizational and societal contexts. (Social Science GUR).


Leadership Studies 450

Course Description LDST 450: Leadership and Pedagogy Serve as an undergraduate tutor for students taking introduction to leadership studies. Learn instructional methods, develop personal leadership skills, and build upon leadership course content. Lead discussions and provide feedback for students enrolled in introduction to leadership studies.

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