Canadian-American Studies

Canada and the United States are the two most interdependent countries in the world. Virtually all the Fortune 500 companies do business with Canada, as do all large government agencies. Additionally, as the two countries share a continent and its ecosystems, most U.S. environmental organizations have a Canadian presence and interests. The Canadian-American Studies major provides a comprehensive and accessible international experience focusing on Canada and Canada-US relations.

Students pursue areas of study such as Canada-US environmental policy, political and security ties between Canada and the United States, and economic relations between the two nations.

The study of the Canada-US relationship also provides a lens through which critical issues facing the global community are examined. The interdisciplinary program encourages students to problem solve and think of big-picture solutions to international issues. The 50-credit program combines well to form a double major with other fields, adding depth to international expertise. Examples include combinations with French, Political Science, Economics, History, and Environmental Studies.

“For a Canadian-American Studies major, being 20 minutes from Canada has its advantages. The program is also customizable, which allowed me to take a variety of courses ranging from environmental studies to political science.” -Julia Barnes, student

Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the classroom, the Center and Club Canada offer opportunities for students to immerse themselves in Canadian culture by holding events such as hockey and broom ball games, regional food celebrations, film screenings, guest speakers and faculty talks, and field excursions to Vancouver, Whistler, and more.

The Center provides support and resources to students interested in participating in relevant internships, including opportunities with the Canadian Consulate in Seattle.

Careers and Graduate Studies

The Canadian-American Studies curriculum prepares students for positions in firms, agencies, government organizations involved with Canada, and cross-border issues. Graduates are prepared to take leadership roles in diverse settings that require critical thinking and societal problem solving.

Recent Western graduates have found fulfilling careers working for the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, directing internet marketing for a Canada-US import/export firm, serving as a US federal government liaison to a municipality for emergency preparedness, working for Google in their map division, and coordinating border and emergency management programs for the cross-border Pacific Northwest Economic Region.

Sample Careers

  • FBI Counter-Terrorism Agent 
  • High School Teacher 
  • Program Manager at a Foreign Consulate 
  • US  Navy JAG  Officer
  • NGO  Education Director 
  • Small  Business Owner 
  • University Professor 
  • Legislative Chief of Staff 
  • Tourism/Marketing Officer 
  • Aerospace Manager

Department of Canadian-American Studies

Canadian-American Studies, BA

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