Early Childhood Special Education P-3 and Early Childhood Education P-3 (Dual Endorsement)

This dual endorsement program prepares aspiring teachers to work with children from birth through eight years who have been identified as at-risk for developmental delay and disability and other students who can benefit from such high quality instruction. Special Educators gain extensive knowledge in four areas: how students learn, how to provide effective instruction, knowledge of curriculum content, and the context - social, legal, and political - in which they will work. This rigorous program includes coursework and extensive supervised practicum experiences in the public schools.

The major combines studies in Early Childhood and Special Education and leads to recommendation for a Washington State teaching certificate with endorsement in Early Childhood Special Education, Preschool through Grade 3 (P-3). Students may choose to complete additional coursework required to add the P-12 Special Education endorsement or the Early Childhood Education (P-3) endorsement.

“I fell in love with the Dual Endorsement program my first year at Western, and I’m so glad I decided to pursue it! Each quarter in the program I am amazed by how much I learn and grow. I have built relationships with other Woodring students and love having so many people to look to for help.” –Talicia Miller-Poole

Beyond the Classroom

The College of Education values field experiences beyond the Western classroom. 

  • Internships: The Office of Field Experiences coordinates school-based student teaching internships for all teacher education candidates. 
  • Compass 2 Campus: The State of Washington mentoring initiative at Western is designed to increase opportunities in higher education by providing mentoring for 5th-12th grade students from traditionally underrepresented and diverse backgrounds in Whatcom and Skagit counties. 
  • Reading Tutor: Woodring employs Western students to work as reading tutors in local elementary schools. Tutors read aloud to students, help students with their reading, and engage students in other activities that increase reading proficiencies. Reading tutors act as role models for the students they work with. 

Careers and Graduate Studies

This program will prepare you to be an excellent teacher in whatever position you eventually choose. Our graduates are actively recruited by school districts to work in a variety of rewarding special education settings.

Talk to (or become) a Peer Mentor at Woodring. Peer Mentors answer questions about Woodring and the application process with prospective students, help mentees explore the teaching and human services professions, connect mentees with professors, volunteer opportunities, and resources on campus, and invite mentees to fun and informational Woodring events. Students interested in talking to or becoming a Peer Mentor should Contact a Mentor.


Sample Careers

  • Special Education Pre-School Teacher
  • Early Interventionist
  • Inclusive Classroom Teacher
  • Family Resource Coordinator
  • Behavior Interventions Specialist

Department of Special Education and Education Leadership

Early Childhood Special Education P-3 and Early Childhood Education P-3 (Dual Endorsement), BAE

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