Math Department Colloquia

Date Room Speaker and Title (with link to the Abstract)
Thursday, May 31 BH 415 Kevin Botterbusch
Stochiastic Processes: Markov Chains and their Application
Thursday, May 24 BH 415 Andrew Schopieray
Galois Theory Through the Eyes of Galois
Tuesday, May 22 BH 217 Victor Chan
Melanoma Study of Whatcom County
Thursday, May 10 BH 415 Dina Buric
Perron's Method to the Dirichlet Problem
Tuesday, May 8 BH 217 Paul Horja
An Introduction to Mirror Symmetry
Thursday, May 3 BH 415 Maxine Turner
Sylow's Theorem and Hall's Theorem
Thursday, April 26 BH 415 Andrew Estrella
Primary Decomposition in Noetherian Rings
Thursday, April 19 BH 415 Amber Goodrich
The Study of Traffic Flow: The LWR Traffic Model
Thursday, April 12 BH 415 Trevor Annis
An Introduction to Markov Chains and Applications
Thursday, April 5 BH 415 Nick Henscheid
An Introduction to Optimal Transport and its Applications
Thursday, March 29 BH 415 Jason Bell
The Skolem-Mahler-Lech Theorem

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