Winter 2004 Colloquia

Speaker Title
Michelle Byrtek Improving Estimation of Kinetic Model Parameters from PET Studies.<
Slobodan Simic Geometric theory of hybrid dynamical systems.<
David Benko Weighted polynomials and the equilibrium measure.
Artem Zvavitch Convex Bodies and the Fourier Transform.
Alexei Rybkin The absolutely continuous spectrum of Schrodinger operators with long-range potentials.
Daniel Coombs Chirality Inversions Propagating on Bacterial Flagella.
Anna Liu Hypothesis testing in smoothing spline models.
Tim McMurray Nonparametric Regression with Infinite Order Flat-Top Kernels.
Zhigang Zhang Statistical Analysis of Current Status Data in the Presence of Informative Observation Times.
Steve McDowall An inverse problem for the transport equation in the presence of a Riemannian metric.

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