Math Department Colloquia

Date Room Speaker and Title (with link to the Abstract)
Thursday, April 7 BH 401 Edoh Amiran, Western Washington University
Corruption with Three Agents: A model and its conclusions regarding factors that lead to the persistence of corruption
Thursday, April 14 BH 401 José Casas Samper, University of Washington
Combinatorics of polytopes and approximations of smooth convex bodies
Thursday, April 21 BH 401 Eun Hee Kim, Western Washington University
PDE-Based Image Enhancement Using Shock Filters
Thursday, April 28 BH 401 Tyler Honeycutt, Bellingham Technical College and Western Washington University
Manifolds and Their Tangent Vectors, and Can One Comb the Hair on a Ball in R^n?
Thursday, May 5 BH 401 Brian Whetter, Western Washington University
Hadwiger’s Characterization Theorem
Tuesday, May 10 BH 217 Benjamin Hansen, Western Washington University
Coding Theory: Shannon’s Theorem and Applications
Thursday, May 12 BH 401 Chelsea Erway, Western Washington University
Self-Similar Sets, Hausdorff Dimension, and Peano’s Curve
Monday, May 16 BH 225 Dan Baron, Western Washington University
Entropy, Fractals, and Extraterrestrial Life
Tuesday, May 17 BH 217 Scholars Week
Awards and Student Presentations
Thursday, May 19 BH 401 Karl Rudeen, Western Washington University
Applications of Fourier Analysis to Number Theory
Monday, May 23 BH 225 Nhan Nguyen, University of Montana
Past, Present and Future work on the 123 Conjecture and Variants
Tuesday, May 24 BH 419 Connor Ryan, Western Washington University
Finite Reflection Groups
Thursday, May 26 BH 401 Evan Johnson, Western Washington University
Numerical Methods for Some Models in Fluid Dynamics
Wednesday, June 1 BH 419 Taylor Matyasz, Western Washington University
Wavelets: Mallat’s Theorem and Applications
Thursday, June 2 BH 401 Adam Larios, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
The Orchestra of Partial Differential Equations

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