Math Department Colloquia

Date Room Speaker and Title (with link to the Abstract)
Thursday, April 3 BH 225 Volodymyr Derkach, Donetsk National University and University of Missouri
Pade approximation and generalized Jacobi matrices
Thursday, April 10 BH 225 Andrew Hendrickson, Western Washington University
The Theory of Matric Functions
Thursday, April 17 BH 225 Cari Jamieson, Western Washington University
Text Mining Through Linear Algebra: Query Matching and Key Content Extraction
Wednesday, April 23 BH 225 Neil Andrews, Wolfram Inc.
Wolfram Technologies in Education and Research
Thursday, April 24 BH 225 Stephanie Abegg, Western Washington University
Coalescent Theory: Human-Neanderthal Couples?
Thursday, May 1 BH 225 Elizabeth McCranie, Western Washington University
Complexity Theory or How to Win a Million Dollars
Thursday, May 8 BH 225 Kasso Okoudjou, University of Maryland
FUN-TFs (Finite unit norm tight frames)
Tuesday, May 13 BH 109 Undergraduate Honors Thesis Presentations (I)
Thursday, May 15 BH 225 Geoff Diestel, Texas A&M-Central Texas University
Factoring Multisublinear Maps
Tuesday, May 20 BH 225 Nick Henschied, University of Arizona
The Sparse and Redundant Way: A modern approach to signal processing, inverse problems, and beyond
Wednesday, May 21 BH 225 Undergraduate Honors Thesis Presentations (II)
Thursday, May 22 BH 225 Michael Vincent, Western Washington University
Turing Bifurcations in General Systems
Tuesday, May 27 BH 225 Brett Calhoon, Western Washington University
Quivers, Their Representations and Gabriel’s Theorem
Thursday, May 29 BH 225 Julian Trujillo, Western Washington University
Properties and Applications of the Laplace Transform
Thursday, June 5 BH 225 Tyler Suronen, Western Washington University
Quadratic and Cubic Reciprocity

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