Math Department Colloquia

Date Room Speaker and Title (with link to the Abstract)
Thursday, January 8 BH 225 Rejoice Mudzimiri, University of Southern Mississippi
A study of the development of technological pedagogical content knowledge in pre-service secondary mathematics teachers
Monday, January 12 BH 225 Rachael Welder, Hunter College
Task design for preparing elementary teachers: an illustrative example in the context of fractions
Thursday, January 15 BH 225 Nancy Flournoy, University of Missouri
Response-Adaptive Designs in the Context of Dose-Response Studies
Friday, January 16 BH 217 Teresa Dunleavy, University of San Diego
Investigating high school mathematics practices that strive toward equity
Thursday, January 22 BH 225 Ioana Dumitriu, University of Washington
Random matrices in numerical linear algebra: a brief excursion
Thursday, February 12 BH 225 Stephen Peterson, Western Washington University
Classifying some simple Lie algebras

Colloquia from Past Quarters

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