Math Department Colloquia

Date Room Speaker and Title (with link to the Abstract)
Tuesday, January 7 BH 225 Priya Prasad, University of Arizona
Investigating the connections between content-based professional development and teachers’ instructional choices
Thursday, January 9 BH 225 Ciprian Demeter, Indiana University
The discrete restriction phenomenon
Friday, January 10 BH 225 Sean Yee, California State University, Fullerton
Using conceptual metaphors to improve teacher listening
Monday, January 13 BH 225 Rachel Harrington, Western Oregon University
Mathematical apps: babysitters, manipulatives or generators of mathematics?
Thursday, January 16 BH 225 Luis Saldanha, Arizona State University
Building up the box plot as a tool for representing and structuring data distributions: an instructional study involving middle school students using TinkerPlots
Friday, January 17 BH 225 David Hill, University of Virginia
Categorification of Kac-Moody superalgebras
Tuesday, January 21 BH 225 Andrew Berget, University of Washington
Parking functions
Thursday, January 23 BH 225 Daisy Phillips, Pennsylvania State University
Testing the disjunction hypothesis using Voronoi diagrams
Friday, January 24 BH 225 David Cook, University of Notre Dame
Enumerations deciding the weak Lefschetz property
Monday, January 27 BH 225 Kimihiro Noguchi, Colorado State University
Exploratory analysis and modeling of stock returns
Thursday, January 30 BH 225 Roddy Theobald, University of Washington
Lord's paradox and targeted interventions

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