Math Department Colloquia

Date Room Speaker and Title (with link to the Abstract)
Thursday, January 12 BH 227 Victor Lie, Purdue University
Extremizers for the 2D Kakeya problem
Tuesday, January 17 BH 227 Jianxuan Liu, University of South Carolina
A New Robust Estimator of Average Treatment Effect in Causal Inference
Thursday, January 19 BH 227 Patrick Mair, Harvard University
Multidimensional Scaling in Action
Monday, January 23 BH 227 Pei Geng, Michigan State University
Model Checking in Tobit Errors-in-Variables Regression using Validation Data
Thursday, February 2 BH 227 Andrew Berget, Western Washington University
Matrix orbit closures
Tuesday, February 7 BH 217 Yuan Zhou, University of California, Davis
Cutting plane theorems for Integer Optimization and computer-assisted proofs
Friday, February 10 BH 227 Robert Hildebrand, IBM
Mixed Integer Formulations of Integer Programs

Colloquia from Past Quarters

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