Math Department Colloquia

Date Room Speaker and Title (with link to the Abstract)
Wednesday, March 29 BH 227 Ramadha Piyadi Gamage, Bowling Green State University
Empirical Likelihood for Change Point Detection in Time Series Models
Thursday, April 6 BH 217 Riley Abel, Western Washington University
Simultaneous Test Procedures
Thursday, April 13 BH 217 Dania Morales, Western Washington University
The Littlewood-Richardson Rule
Tuesday, April 18 BH 217 Garret Nelson, Western Washington University
Free Groups, the Fundamental Group, Graphs, and Some Connections Between Them
Thursday, April 20 BH 217 Alex Fink, Queen Mary University London
Introduction to Tropical Mathematics
Thursday, April 27 BH 217 Ben Toomey, Western Washington University
Modular forms on the full modular group
Tuesday, May 2 BH 217 Christopher Murphy, Western Washington University
Infinite Sequences of Coin Tosses, Measure, and the Weak Law of Large Numbers
Thursday, May 4 BH 217 Curtiss Lyman, Western Washington University
Minimization of Distance, Geodesics, and Conjugate Points
Tuesday, May 9 BH 217 Krista Steuben, Western Washington University
The Jones Polynomial
Thursday, May 11 BH 217 Lindsay Skinner, Western Washington University
Representation Theory of the General Linear Group
Tuesday, May 16 BH 415 Scholars Week
Student Awards and Presentations
Thursday, May 25 BH 217 Seth Greendale
Differential Forms and the General Stokes’ Theorem

Colloquia from Past Quarters

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