Math Department Colloquia

Date Room Speaker and Title (with link to the Abstract)
Thursday, September 29 BH 217 Martin Flashman, Humboldt State University
Making Sense of Calculus with Mapping Diagrams: A Visual Alternative to Graphs
Thursday, October 6 BH 217 Amites Sarkar, Western Washington University
Coverage and Percolation
Thursday, October 13 BH 217 Vaughn Ellis, Western Washington University
The Effective Condition Number for Numerical PDE’s
Thursday, October 20 BH 217 Steven Klee, Seattle University
Face enumeration on simplicial complexes -- combinatorics meets commutative algebra and topology
Thursday, October 27 BH 217 Richard Gardner, Western Washington University
Thursday, November 3 BH 217 Josh Zahl, University of British Columbia
Thursday, December 1 BH 217 Brendon Rhoades, University of California at San Diego

Colloquia from Past Quarters

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