Faculty Research Areas


Edoh Amiran Differential geometry, smooth dynamical systems
Árpád Bényi Harmonic analysis, partial differential equations
Donald R. Chalice Banach algebras, complex dynamics
Branko Ćurgus Differential equations, operator theory
Tilmann Glimm Nonlinear PDEs, mathematical biology
David Hartenstine Partial differential equations
Stephen McDowall Inverse problems
Thomas Read Ordinary and partial differential equations

Numerical Analysis

Yun-Qiu Shen Differential equations, numerical analysis
Tjalling Ypma Numerical analysis
Jianying Zhang Numerical partial differential equations


Richard Gardner Convex geometry, geometric tomography

Algebra and Discrete Mathematics

Andrew Berget Algebraic and geometric combinatorics
Adam Nyman Algebraic geometry, ring theory
Amites Sarkar Combinatorics, probability theory, and graph theory
Stephanie Treneer Number theory, modular forms

Math Education

Jessica Cohen Mathematics education
Millie Johnson Mathematics education
Kim Markworth Mathematics education
Rachael Welder Mathematics education


Amy Anderson Statistical genetics
Victor Chan Reliability, applied statistics
Kimihiro Noguchi Nonparametric statistics, time series analysis
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