Math Minor Evaluations

The following refers only to Math Minors. For Minors in Math Education, see Prof. Cohen in BH 180. Students planning to take Woodring’s MIT program in order to be credentialed as a secondary math teacher should consider doing the minor in secondary math education rather than the math minor.

1. The faculty advisor for math minors is Prof. Ypma in BH 202; email :

2. For advice regarding required and acceptable courses to take, obtain the relevant handout from the department staff in BH 202. For further advice or clarification, consult with Prof. Ypma.

3. You need to get at least a C- in each course you want to count towards completion of the minor.

4. At least 50% of the credits counting towards the minor need to be from WWU. If you transfer in some of the courses required for the minor, then credits from math courses from WWU beyond those required for the minor may replace some of the required math credits for the purposes of satisfying this rule. In other words, you need at least 18 WWU math credits in total, and some of those credits may be from WWU math courses you take beyond those actually required for the minor. Consult with Prof. Ypma to get clarification on this and to discuss the options, if relevant.

5. Math minors do not need to be (and are never) declared. However, if you need to show that you are in the process of completing a math minor, say because of financial aid requirements, follow the steps for evaluation of the minor detailed below.

6. When you have nearly completed the requirements for the minor, that is, when only one or two required courses are still in progress or remain to be completed, you need to have your minor evaluated. This means that you need to get the signature of Prof. Ypma on a completed minor evaluation form. Make an appointment to meet him or go to his office hours to get this done.

7. Prior to meeting with Prof. Ypma, do the following:

  • Print a copy of your student record.
  • On your student record, highlight the courses used to meet the requirements for the minor.
  • Obtain and complete the minor evaluation form, available from the staff in BH 202.

8. Bring the materials listed above to your meeting with Prof. Ypma. This meeting will probably take less than 2 minutes if your materials are properly organized.

9. Take your signed minor evaluation form to the Registrar.

Page Updated 05.22.2017