Major and Minor Plans of Study

Procedures for Declaring and Evaluating a Math Major or Minor

Declaring a Math Major
Evaluating a Math Major
Evaluating a Math Minor


  B.A. Mathematics
  B.S. Mathematics
  B.S. Applied Mathematics
  B.S. Statistics
  B.A.E. Elementary Mathematics Education
  B.A.E. Secondary Mathematics Education
  B.S. Biology/Mathematics
  B.A.E. Chemistry/Mathematics (Secondary Education)
  B.S. Mathematics/Computer Science
  B.A. Economics/Mathematics
  B.A.E. Physics/Mathematics (Secondary Education)


  Mathematics-Secondary Education

Plan of Study

As part of your major declaration, you must file a plan of study. The interactive form linked below is designed to assist in sketching out a plan of study for the following majors: BS Math, BS Math/CS, BS Applied Math, BS Statistics, and BA Math.

  Interactive Plan of Study Form

Save the .xlsx file to your computer before opening.

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