Prerequisites Policy

The Math Department and the registration system check and enforce prerequisites for the following classes:

101, 107, 112, 114, 115, 118, 124, 156, 157, 240, 381, 382, 383

If a student does not have the required prerequisite for a given course, the system will not allow a student to register for said course.

During Registration, a student still taking the prerequisite course(s) receives a Provisional Override, in order to register for the class. After grades are issued the Math Department identifies those students who have not passed the prerequisite course(s). When a student has not passed a prerequisite course, a letter which instructs the student to drop the course is sent to both the student and the instructor. Unless a student can satisfy an alternative prerequisite such as a Math Placement Test, the student must drop the class; otherwise the instructor will give a failing grade for the course.

Students who have taken an AP Calculus course and received credit should talk to the Math Department about options for further math.

Page Updated 07.23.2012