Chinese Faculty

Shan He (2013), MA, Beijing Language University

Instructor of Chinese

Miller Hall 230 | 360-650-3091 |
Shan He taught in the CET program in Beijing, an immersion program for US students in Beijing and last summer she taught in Middlebury Chinese summer school in the US.

Foong Janice Kam (2012), PhD, Stanford University

Assistant Professor of Chinese

Miller Hall 217B | 360-650-6122 |
Professor Kam's research interest is in the historiography and intellectual history of Early China. She has taught Chinese Literature in Translation courses, introductory courses to Chinese Culture, and Chinese language courses at various levels.

Janet Zhiqun Xing (1999), PhD, University of Michigan

Professor of Chinese and Linguistics

Miller Hall 218D | 360-650-3926 |
Professor Xing's research interest is in Chinese Linguistics and Pedagogical Grammar of Chinese. She has taught Chinese Linguistics, Introduction to Linguistics, Modern Chinese Society and Language, Traditional Chinese Characters, Chinese Culture through Film and Literature, and Chinese language courses at all levels. levels.


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