Executive Board Members 2018-19

President - Leti Romo

Coordinator, Equity and Identity Resource Centers
Email: leti.romo@wwu.edu
Phone: 360.650.6127

Vice President - Christian Urcia

Resident Director, Birnum Wood
Email: christian.urcia@wwu.edu
Phone: 360.650.4927

Secretary/Publicity - Dr. G McGrew

Insctructor, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry
Email: gee.mcgrew@wwu.edu
Phone: 360.650.7576

Treasurer - Vang Le

Fiscal Technician, Extended Education
Email: vang.le@wwu.edu
Phone: 360.650.7608

Faculty Representative- Regina Barber McGraaff

STEM Inclusion and Outreach Specialist, College of Science and Engineering
Email: regina.barberdegraaff@wwu.edu
Phone: 360.650.3832

Professional Staff Representative- Shalini Singh

Diversity Recruiter and Retention Specialist, Huxley College
Email: shalini.singh@wwu.edu
Phone: 360.650.2554

Classified Staff Representative- Benny Masonda

Custodian, Facilities Management
Email: benny.musonda@wwu.edu
Phone: 360.650.2406

At-Large Representative - Keith Kelley

Program Coordinator, Extended Education
Email: keith.kelley@wwu.edu
Phone: 360.650.7625

At-Large Representative - Jocylynn Kelley

Talent Acquisition and Inclusion Specialist
Email: jocylynn.kelley@wwu.edu
Phone: 360.650.3448