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Status of alumni

Ph.D. degrees

20 alumni have completed Ph.D. degrees
  • N. Aguilar-Roca (Ph.D., Scripps Inst. of Oceanography). Faculty, University of California Irvine.
  • S. Arellano (Ph.D. University of Oregon). Faculty, Western Washington University.
  • E. Davenport (Ph.D., Morgan State University). Ecologist NOAA Center for Coastal Fisheries and Habitat Research.
  • A. Ganchorre (Ph.D., University of Arizona). Director of Student Development, U. of Arizona.
  • N. Gerald (Ph.D., Duke University). Biologist/scientific reviewer in the Division of Microbiology Devices at the FDA.
  • L. Hernández (Ph.D., University of Puerto Rico). Audiologist.
  • L. Houser (Ph.D., University of Delaware)
  • W. Ithier-Guzmán (Ph.D., University of South Florida). Biosafety officer and adjunct professor at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras.
  • F. Jenkins (Ph.D., George Mason University). EPA, aquatic biologist.
  • M. Kaneshiro-Pineiro (Ph.D., University of South Florida). Research consultant, Barnegat Bay Partnership, Adjunct Professor (The New School).
  • E. Martínez (Ph.D., George Mason University). Postdoctoral fellow, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • N. Puniwai (Ph.D., University of Hawaii). Program Coordinator, NSF Ka’imi’ike – Pathways to the Geosciences program .
  • A. Rocha (Ph.D., University of South Florida). Research Associate, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, U. of Tennessee.
  • A/ Rames (Ph.D., Sofia University).
  • J. Robinson (Ph.D., University of Cincinatti).
  • G. Rodriguez (Ph.D., University of California Santa Barbara).
  • K. Rosario Cora (Ph.D., University of South Florida). Postdoctoral fellow, University of South Florida.
  • I. Soto (Ph.D., University of South Florida).
  • E. Yates (Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill).
15 alumni are pursuing Ph.D. degrees
  • J. Barrios (Ph.D. candidate, University of Maryland)
  • J. de la Hoz (Ph.D. candidate, Oregon State University)
  • I. Freytes (Ph.D. candidate, University of South Florida)
  • D. Hernandez (Ph.D. University of Washington)
  • S. Ibarra (Ph.D. candidate, University of Alaska)
  • A. Laureano (Ph.D. candidate, University of South Florida)
  • C. Littles(Ph.D. candidate, University of Florida)
  • A. Marin (Ph.D. candidate, University of Indiana)
  • L. Martell (Ph.D. candidate, University of South Florida)
  • J. McCray (Ph.D. candidate, University of Florida)
  • A. Rames (Ph.D. candidate, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology)
  • R. Rhoades (Ph.D. candidate, U of Maine)
  • J. Robinson (Ph.D. candidate, University of Cincinnati)
  • J. Rodriguez (Ph.D. candidate, University of Alberta)
  • F. Soto (Ph.D. candidate, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras)

Professional degrees

15 alumni have completed professional degrees
  • M. Akutagawa (Env. Law, University of Hawaii).
  • L. Augustine (MBA, Duke University)
  • A. Blanco (LPN, Florida International University)
  • M. Bruneus (MD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine)
  • J. Cajigas (MD, Universidad Iberoamericana)
  • I. Iaea (DPT, University of New England)
  • L. Jones (PA, University of Utah)
  • M. Meredith (MBA, University of Hawaii)
  • E. Perez Lugo (MD, University of Guadelajara)
  • M. Richards (DDS, Marquette University)
  • A. Singleton (MBA, Yale)
  • S. Sawney (MPA, Columbia University)
  • S. Wait (MBA, St. Mary's College)
  • E. Whitehead (MBA, Argosy University)
  • H. Wounded Head (MDiv, Luther Seminary)
2 alumni are pursuing professional degrees
  • T. Estacio (RN, San Jose State University)
  • L. Goris-Rios (Palmer College of Chiropractic)

M.S. degrees

65 alumni have completed M.S. degrees
  • A. Balderas (University of Bridgeport)
  • B. Baldwin (California State University, LA)
  • P. Barreyro (MPA, Portland State University)
  • J. Barrios (University of Puerto Rico)
  • A. Beckwith (M.Ed.,Boston College)
  • R. Black (University of Maryland, Eastern Shore)
  • M. Bruneus (M.A., City College of New York)
  • A. Burgess (Western Washington University)
  • A. Campos (George Mason University)
  • A. Christmas (Western Washington University)
  • J. Cravens (Western Washington University, M.S. and M.Ed.)
  • R. Crim (University of British Columbia)
  • E. Davenport (Morgan State University)
  • J. de la Hoz (University of California, Monterey Bay)
  • L. Escobar (Hernandez) (University of Arizona)
  • A. Estrada (M.Ed., Boston College)
  • E. Figueroa (University of Phoenix)
  • E. Flores (Western Washington University)
  • R. Gallardo (Columbia University)
  • R. Garcia (Western Washington University)
  • A. González (Yale University)
  • C. González (University of Washington)
  • R. González (Mississippi State University)
  • T. Grubaugh (Texas A&M Corpus Christi)
  • E. Haeuber (University of Illinois)
  • L. Hernandez (University of Puerto Rico)
  • W. Ithier-Guzmán (Interamerican University of Puerto Rico)
  • F. Jenkins (University of Maryland, Eastern Shore)
  • M. Kaneshira-Pineiro (University of Hawaii, Manoa)
  • L. Lechuga (San Jose State University)
  • C. Lewis (Michigan State University)
  • C. Littles (University of Florida)
  • M. Lopez (University of Rhode Island)
  • L. Marko (Washington State University Vancouver)
  • E. Martínez (University of South Florida)
  • M. Meredith (University of Hawaii, Manoa)
  • J. McCray (University of Miami)
  • S. Morales (University of Puerto Rico Humacao)
  • C. Needham (University of Wisconsin)
  • S. Pablo (Argosy University)
  • K. Polloi (University of Hawai'i)
  • M. Ponce-McDermott (Western Washington University)
  • S. Prescott (Western Washington University)
  • N. Puniwai (Washington State University, Vancouver)
  • A. Quesada (Western Washington University)
  • Z. Ramos (University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez)
  • A. Rames (New York University)
  • L. Rivera (P.M.S.,University of Maryland, Eastern Shore)
  • Y. Rivera Vázquez (Western Washington University)
  • A. Rocha (Old Dominion University)
  • K. Rosario (University of Arizona)
  • G. Saluta (College of William and Mary)
  • T. Scott (University of California)
  • A. Singleton (Cornell University)
  • F. Soto (U of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez)
  • I. Soto (University of South Florida)
  • R. Stewart (Union Institute and University, Vermont College)
  • A. Stovall-Leonard (University of South Florida)
  • R. Strozier (Michigan Technological University)
  • V. Velazquez (Southern Connecticut State University)
  • A. Veloza (College of William and Mary)
  • R. Williams (University of Arkansas)
  • D. Wynn (University of North Carolina)
  • E. Yates (Western Carolina University)
  • T. Yess (U of Cincinnati)
8 alumni are pursuing M.S. degrees
  • A. Brown (San Francisco University)
  • M. Cotter (Oregon State University)
  • L. Crippen y Chavez (Colorado State University)
  • A. Daniels (Florida International University)
  • V. Dominique (Tulane University)
  • E. Fernandez (Auburn University)
  • R. Jackson (University of Alabama)
  • M. Rodriguez (California State University, Fresno)

B.S. degrees

53 additional alumni have completed B.S. degrees. About 50% of these alumni are working in marine or related environmental science fields

14 alumni are still pursuing their B.S. degrees



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