Student Research

As part of their MIMSUP experience, all participants engage in independent research under the mentorship of a marine researcher at the Shannon Point Marine Center. The process includes all aspects of research from developing a question to presenting results to an audience of other scientists.

Students doing research

Research activities of the 2015 MIMSUP participants

Chelsea Collins. Early survivorship of three deep-sea gastropods in response to temperature

Chesley Ekelem. Wood pollution and eelgrass

Jake Lawlor. Oysters in a Changing Ocean: Effects of acidification and warming on Olympia oyster larval swimming and growth

Maira Nieto. What are the effects of elevated CO2 conditions on Dunaliella tertiolecta?

Anthony Rodríguez. Feeding behavior of the gastropod Amphissa columbiana: food cues and movement patterns

Adriana Sepulveda. Microbial diversity influenced by sediment organic enrichment and hydrogen sulfide concentrations

Giovanna Tomat-Kelly. Eavesdropping algae: Chemical signaling, growth, and herbivory in Ulva lactuca

Luis Valentin. Light stress response of contrasting life stages in the coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi

Students doing research


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