Student Research

As part of their MIMSUP experience, all participants engage in independent research under the mentorship of a marine researcher at the Shannon Point Marine Center. The process includes all aspects of research from developing a question to presenting results to an audience of other scientists.

Students doing research

Research activities of the 2014 MIMSUP participants

Robert Beck. Seastar wasting syndrome

Natasha Borgen. Characterizing recovery of Ulva lactuca after short exposures to environmental and herbivore stress

Larisa Crippen-Chavez. Growth rate and morphology changes for Synechococcus strain CC9311 and WH8102 when grown in bloom versus non-bloom ocean water

Torian Jones. Effects of ocean acidification on the embryonic development of Metacarcinus magister

Joshua Morel. Consequences of salinity on growth and tissue chemistry in eelgrass (Zostera marina)

Ellie Peña. Diatoms and ocean acidification

Jean Rodriguez. Irradiance and temperature affect H2O2 production of symbiotic algae in the host sea anemone Anthopleura elegantissima

Gabriela Zayas del Rio. Seasonal and spatial patterns of low-dissolved oxygen in Bellingham Bay

Students doing research


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