While the club is all-inclusive, there are some requirements dictated by both the school and the team in order to stay active. First off, there are no tryouts. However, there are quarterly dues that are required to be paid within one week after the start of the quarter, otherwise you will not be able to participate in practices or tournaments. There is also a $20 dollar fee for each tournament that must be paid in order to attend said tournament. Secondly, before you can even get into the pool, you must receive a Pre-Participation Physical Examination that provides some medical history of any pre-existing conditions and a section where the primary physician indicates that the student-athlete is clear to participate in sport club activities without restrictions. There is currently no official form for this waiver provided by the Sports Club Office, so please provide any and all relevant medical information and a signed document from your doctor stating that you are able to participate. And the last requirement to be eligible for the team is that you must be currently enrolled at Western Washington University.

Quarterly Dues

  • Fall: $75
  • Winter: $30
  • Spring: $30
Page Updated 11.22.2017