Current Topics in Marine Science

BIOL 111 & 112

Current Topics in Marine Science seminars are quarterly 1-credit seminars on contemporary marine issues. The seminars are available to freshmen (Biol 111) and sophomores (Biol 112) who are in enrolled in the Marine Science Scholars Program (exceptions with permission from the instructors). These courses are taught by Drs. Shawn Arellano and Sylvia Yang and are repeatable with different topics up to a maximum of 3 credits each. The current layout of topics for 2012-2013 is shown below:

Freshman Year (Biol 111)

  • Winter: Impacts of land use on the marine environment
  • Spring: Marine pollution
  • Sophomore Year (Biol 112)

  • Fall: Natural resources from the marine environment
  • Winter: Fisheries and aquaculture
  • Spring: Global change
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