Behavioral Neuroscience

Behavioral Neuroscience (BNS) is the study of how nervous system structure and function produces normal and abnormal behavior.

This interdisciplinary program combines courses offered through the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology.

The BNS curriculum, combined with an emphasis on undergraduate involvement in research, provides students with the specialized preparation and technical sophistication critical for success in post-graduate training programs and entry-level biomedical research positions.


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Congratulations to our 2013-2014 Outstanding Graduate Andrea Schiller and to our scholarship recipients Megan Morrison and Parker Stafford!!!

News and Events

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Jeff Carroll was awarded $577,120 from the CHDI Foundation to support his research on the peripheral mechanism of mutant huntingtin function

Jeff Carroll received the Philip E. Sharp, Jr. Community Engagement Award

Jeff Carroll and his colleague, Dr. Wild, were awarded the HSDA Researcher of the Year award

Jeff Grimm received the Paul J. Olscamp Research Award

Jackie Rose's students have research published

Jeff Grimm's students have research published

Kelly Jantzen was awarded $197,530 from NSF to acquire a transcranial magnetic stimulator

Jeff Carroll was awarded a "New Pathways" grant totaling $135,000 from the Huntington Society of Canada to study hepatic dysfunction in HD

Jeff Grimm has a new publication in the journal PLoS One

Dr. Jeff Carroll and Dr. Ed Wild (UCL) were awarded the "Michael Wright Community Leadership Award" from the Huntington Society of Canada.

Kelly Jantzen has a new publication in the journal Neuroimage.

Janet Finlay elected to a 3 year term on Neuroscience Dept and Programs Committee

Dr. Jeff Grimm was awarded $386,731 from NIH to support his research on the molecular neurobiology of craving.

Dr. Janet Finlay was awarded $372,735 from NIH to support her research on the neurobiology of schizophrenia

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