Program Advising

Behavioral Neuroscience Program Coordinator

Sean Andresen

Office: AI 574

Behavioral Neuroscience Program Major Evaluations for Graduation


Behavioral Neuroscience Program Application


Students applying for the Behavioral Neuroscience Program must first meet the following requirements:

  • Complete at least 75 undergraduate college credits that include Chemistry 121, 122 and 123; Biology 204, 205 and 206; Psychology 101 and 220; English 101; Math 114; plus 18 additional credits from the non-science sections of the GUR.
  • The applicants must average a 2.9 or higher in Chemistry 121-123; Biology 204-206; Psychology 101 and 220. Only one course can be repeated in an attempt to raise your GPA.

Please keep in mind that this is a competitive application process.

Students can apply to the program Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer quarters. Completed applications can be turned in to the Behavioral Neuroscience Program coordinator in AI 574 by the end of the second full week of classes each quarter. Applicants will be notified of the admissions committee's decision by the fourth full week of classes. Successful applicants can enroll in the program the following academic quarter. Transfer students must complete one quarter at WWU before they can apply to this program.

Contact the Behavioral Neuroscience Program coordinator with general advising questions.

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