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Translational Neuroscience of Psychiatric Disorders

Finlay's research translates clinical observations of brain structural abnormalities in schizophrenia into hypotheses about the biological basis of this disorder. These hypotheses are then tested using tractable model systems under controlled laboratory conditions. A goal of this work is to advance the development of novel approaches for treating and preventing psychiatric disorders.

Studies currently underway in Finlay's laboratory use neurotoxin and gene deletion strategies to induce structural brain abnormalities in model systems. We then examine the effects of these abnormalities on chemical neurotransmission and behavior.

Opportunities are available in Finlay's laboratory for graduate and undergraduate students to obtain neuroscience research experience. If you are interested in joining Finlay's research team, please visit the lab positions link. These research positions are highly competitive and require a significant amount of one-on-one laboratory training. Students are encouraged to become involved early in their academic careers.


News and Events:
Dr. Janet Finlay was awarded $372,735 from NIH to support her research on the neurobiology of schizophrenia

Janet M. Finlay, Ph.D
Director, Behavioral Neuroscience Program
Associate Professor, Dept. of Psychology
email: janet.finlay@wwu.edu
(360) 650-6717

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