2006/07 New Faculty Photos/Bios (6)

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Brandi Row
Physical Education, Health & Recreation - teaches courses in Kinesiology.  Her background in Exercise Science, Biology, Biomechanics, and Gerontology support her research on the mobility issues faced by older adults, including the physical, environmental, and psychological contributors to mobility, balance, and falls.  

Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre
    RAE LYNN   
Communications - Rae Lynn’s academic interests are in Rhetoric, Critical/Cultural Studies, Post-colonialism, and Feminism. She enjoys yoga, hiking, running and baking.

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     SHEPPARD Woodring - teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Educ. Foundations. Shelby’s research interests are in education and the development of mind. Her work draws on literature from: fields of Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Cognitive Dev. and Philosophy of Educ. Shelby’s current work examines the idea of “Controversy” and its implications for education and teacher preparation.
Bonnie Southcott
BONNIE SOUTHCOTT Journalism - is a WWU alumna, writer, broadcaster, keynote speaker and public relations professional with experience at KOMO Radio in Seattle and freelance journalism.  Bonnie lives in Ferndale with her husband, Layne, and their two wildcat sons.
No Photo Available
Economics, earned his Ph.D. at Claremont Graduate University.  His research interests include international finance, macroeconomics, and money and banking. His current research studies the behavior of international capital flows and the financial crises in emerging markets.
Tracy Thorndike-Christ
  TRACY                    THORNDIKE-  
Special Education - taught in WWU's Psychology department for 12 years. She is an educational psychologist specializing in the development of beliefs about mathematics among P-12 students and the impact of teacher attitudes on student beliefs and behaviors.
John Tuxill
No Photo Available
English - is a Western alumna who earned her M.F.A. in Fiction at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  She teaches a creative writing seminar focused on fiction.  Winner of a 2005 Slosberg Memorial Award for Fiction, Kami has published both fiction and poetry in several respected journals.

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