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Ashoka U Changemaker Campus Sticky NoteWestern Washington University is embarking on a 6 month process to become an AshokaU Changemaker University.

The purpose of the Changemaker Campus designation is to recognize colleges and universities that have embedded social innovation as a core value and showcase the ways in which they have built supportive environments for change making across the entire institution – from admissions through the curriculum, career services, all the way to community and alumni engagement. Through the Changemaker Campus designation we highlight innovative models and strategies of university-based social innovation at the most advanced institutions.


Through the certification itself, we will gain international notice as an AshokaU Changemaker University.  Western will become better recognized as a magnet community for people who want to learn how to make the world a better place.  This will further enhance our opportunities to collaborate with other organizations and individuals who are making social change.  

More important, this process encourages us to openly reflect on Western"s strengths and growth opportunities campus-wide.  We hope that you will share your perspectives about what will make our university a healthier, more supportive, and thriving environment.


To meet our goal of completing the certification process by June, we would like to hear from as many members of our campus community as possible by the end of March.  Through small group discussion, interviews, surveys and open dialogue, we hope to hear your dreams, visions and wisdom about how we can foster a campus-wide culture of social innovation.
After certification, we will revisit these discussions as often as necessary to maintain and continually develop our potential as a Changemaker community.


First steps include open dialogues across campus.  We want to hear your perspectives about what Western is doing to foster the heart and mind-space of people who want to make the world a better place.  What is happening within your department, classes and college?  What would help you cultivate an environment of well-being?  What paths will help us move forward from a foundation of humility, deep listening, and reflective curiosity?  What approaches can we use to identify and create opportunities, and manifest them in productive ways?  As you share, we will create a collective snapshot of our campus community and begin to draw a roadmap for future institutional growth.  Please be sure you're in the picture.  Your voice is valuable to this process.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

With Gratitude,

Danica Kilander
Western Change Leader


Take the survey to share your thoughts and perspectives.