If you are a student at BTC, NWIC, WCC or WWU and you need assistance reporting an unregistered or unsafe property, email the Campus Community Coalition at ccc@wwu.edu.

Rental Registration & Safety Inspection Program (RR&SIP)


In March 2015, the Bellingham City Council approved a Rental Registration & Safety Inspection Program (RR&SIP) in response to citizen concerns about the rental market in our city. All rental property owners are now required to register their property with the city. Registration entails an annual fee and a safety inspection of the property once every three years. Failure to register in a timely manner, or to make recommended property improvements after inspection, will result in fees and/or penalties.

According to registration records, there are almost 19,000 registered rental housing units in Bellingham. Prior to this ordinance, safety concerns were only addressed at the request of the tenant, which can put a strain on tenant-landlord relationships or cause many problems to go unchecked. Learn more about the benefits of this program for tenants and find out if a property is registered.

For more information on the program, visit: www.cob.org/rentals, or program FAQs,call (360) 778-8361, or email rentals@cob.org.

Western's Role

The University, including student leaders, has been working hand-in-hand with the Planning Department since this program was first passed to identify and develop message-appropriate materials for students and to educate our students on various aspects to consider when deciding to live off-campus. Some examples of our efforts include distributing printed materials, partnering with our Associated Students' Legal Information Center to host tenant workshops, attending information fairs with new students, and pushing out information via the website and other forms of social media.

The University will continue to take an active role in helping to educate our students and to support the City's efforts to improve housing conditions for all renters in the city. Furthermore, should a student be displaced from housing due to a property being deemed uninhabitable, the University will assist the city, on a space available basis, in providing emergency housing until alternative housing arrangements can be found.

Rental Registration Infographic

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