About Us

Off-Campus Living is a website for WWU students who are considering living off-campus or who already live in Bellingham’s neighborhoods. It is designed to:

  • Assist students in making informed decisions regarding living off-campus.
  • Increase students’ knowledge of tenant rights and responsibilities.
  • Provide students with practical strategies to establish positive relationships with their neighbors.
  • Introduce students to conflict resolution techniques.
  • Increase students’ knowledge of local laws and ordinances related to neighborhood living, including underage drinking laws.
  • Deepen students’ self awareness and identity as neighborhood residents.
  • Increase students’ awareness of community resources that support the responsibilities of neighborhood living and increase quality of life.

Site Contributors

Off Campus Living is intended to be a useful and accessible resource for students, parents, and community members. This site is made possible by the collaboration between the following campus offices:

Prevention and Wellness Services

The mission of Prevention and Wellness Services is to facilitate individual and community health and well being. To nurture students' self-care and social responsibility so that they may maximize their academic and personal success and engage in the creation of a safe and healthy community. We maintain a policy of positive messaging; inclusive services, programs, and materials; and the practice of empowering individuals to make constructive, health enhancing choices in their lives.

Main Office: Old Main 560
Phone: 360.650.2993
Email: pws@wwu.edu
Website: Prevention and Wellness Services

PWS Facebook Page PWS Youtube Channel

Campus Community Coalition

The Campus Community Coalition promotes working relationships and communication among the colleges and community to enhance shared responsibility through collaborative education and problem-solving to improve the health, safety, and quality of life of the entire community.

Phone: 360.650.6863
Email: CCC Coordinator, Julia Burns
Website: Campus Community Coalition

CCC Facebook Page CCC Twitter

AS Legal Information Center

The Legal Information Center (LIC) provides confidential and non-judgmental information and resources for students. Their mission is to help students make informed choices, to encourage students to take an active role in their own legal disputes, and to act as an informal prelaw advisor to those students pursuing or interested in legal careers.

Main Office: Viking Union 517
Phone: 360.650.6111
Email: AS Legal Info Center Coordinator
Website: AS Legal Info Center

AS Legal Info Facebook Page


We welcome feedback and questions! Feel free to contact a specific office if your question is related to the work they do. If your feedback or question is related to the site itself, please contact our site manager.

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