Renter's Guide

Living off-campus can enrich your college experience and enhance your independence. But it’s a different lifestyle than living on-campus – one which comes with more decisions and responsibilities. Are you ready to negotiate a rental agreement, sign up for utilities, or pay a deposit and regular bills? Have you thought about safety features of your off-campus residence, or sharing it with a roommate? How will you handle repairs if something breaks? What about planning for how and when you’ll move out (and avoid getting evicted)? We’ve put together some helpful hints for navigating the road to off-campus living, because this big journey has lots of little steps!

Renting 101 Infographic

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COST OF LIVING: On-campus vs off-campus.

Cost of Living Chart for Bellingham

Want to learn more about renting? Visit Affordable Colleges Online Resource Guide for additional tips and resources - please note Western is not responsible for third party content.

Page Updated 11.22.2017