What Do You Know About Your Bellinghome?

Welcome to living off campus in Bellingham! Perhaps it is the 64 miles of interurban trails, the 3000 acres of parks, or the great music and arts scene, but Western students take great pride in their Bellinghome and many stay long after graduation. Even if they don’t stick around, Western alumni hold a special place in their hearts for the “City of Subdued Excitement” (our unofficial city motto).

If you have decided to live off campus (or already live off campus) you will reside in one of Bellingham’s 25 neighborhoods. You can find a map of all the neighborhood boundaries here. Bellingham has a very strong neighborhood network, and there are plenty of ways to connect to your neighborhood and neighbors. You can attend neighborhood meetings and serve on your Neighborhood Association Board, participate in mural projects, or join work parties to maintain parks, trails, or gardens. If you are interested in being part of your neighborhood association or want to learn more about your neighborhood, visit the City of Bellingham’s website.

Page Updated 01.08.2016