Welcome to Western Washington University!


Before you arrive, here are some important things to know:

  • Please remember your license plate number as this is required for pay stations.
  • Not all parking lots accommodate visitor parking. Please refer to the parking map.
  • Visitor information is available at the campus services building on Bill McDonald Parkway.

Daily and weekly permits can be purchased 24/7 online on Western's parking portal.

For hourly parking, please use the mobile app, ParkMobile, or use the pay stations in visitor lots.



2018-2019 Parking Permits Available for Purchase Starting Monday May 14

**Please note, information regarding Student Parking for 2018-2019 will be available beginning in July 2018.**

On Monday May 14th, we will make parking permits available for purchase for fall quarter 2018, academic and annual 2018-19. We have streamlined the process for securing your permit; please read below.

Current permit holders

For those parkers with a current valid permit, on Monday May 14th we will offer you the right to purchase a 2018-2019 permit in your current lot. We will send you an email directing you to the Parking Portal where you can purchase your next year's permit.

June 3rd is the deadline to make your purchase. Payment options, including payroll deduction remain the same. As in previous years, payroll deductions will begin with your October 10th paycheck.

Current permit holders wishing to change parking lots

As space becomes available in each lot, we will offer a permit to the next qualified parker based on seniority. Complete the above instructions to secure your parking space in your current lot for next year. Then, if you are not already on the waitlist for your preferred lot, go to the Parking Portal and place yourself on your waitlist. We will award permits from the waitlists in August based on seniority and space availability. You can manage your waitlist at any time. You do not need to be on the waitlist for your current lot.

New parkers without a current permit

Log on to the Parking Portal and place yourself on the waitlist for the lots of your choice. We will award waitlist permits in August and notify you thru your WWU email your right to purchase.

Summer Term Parking Permits

We will distribute information regarding summer term parking after June 3rd. Please refer to our websites for more details. Parking Services https://www.wwu.edu/parking/ or SBO https://wp.wwu.edu/sbo/.

Additional information on Zones

Pay Station Hourly Rates

For all parking customers, hourly, daily and weekly permits can be purchased 24/7 online on Western's Parking Portal.

Weekdays 7am-4:30pm M-F* $2.00
Evenings 4:30pm-7am M-F $1.00
Saturday & Sunday, all hours $1.00

Weekday Pay Stations

*Weekday Pay Stations limited to 6V (below Viking Union) and 12A/C (located across from Fairhaven College). Pay stations accept MasterCard and Visa. There are no refunds.

Evening and Weekend Parking

Parking is available in the C/CR and 12A lots with no permit needed 4:30p.m.-7:30a.m. weekdays and all hours weekends. Parking pay stations are located in most “G” lots. They are available for use after 4:30 p.m. weekdays and all hours weekends.

How to use Parking Paystations

Pay station


Press any key to “wake-up” the pay station from power save mode.


Enter your license plate number. Note: An accurate license plate is necessary.


Parking options will appear on screen, use the keypad to select desired option or time.


Insert credit/debit card (Visa/MasterCard) to complete the transaction.


(Optional): You may print your receipt. Receipts do not need to be displayed.

View a printable version of the Pay Station instructions

Lincoln Creek Transportation Center (LCTC)

Parking permits are required to park in Western’s Lincoln Creek Transportation Center (LCTC). Permits are available online. Customers can print their own permit from home. Self-help computer kiosks are also available in the lobby of Campus Services building.

Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA)

Whatcom Transportation Authority ( WTA)  bus service from the LCTC to Western's campus is available year-round. Service runs every 10-12 minutes on weekdays when classes are in session, and every 30 minutes year-round.