Colloquia Archive


  • Brad Johnson, WWU Physics Department Chair
    on the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics
  • Ryan Wilson, the Joint Quantum Insititue at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the University of Maryland
    "Exploring Quantum Many-Body Physics with Cold Dipolar Atoms"
  • John Blakeslee, Washington State University and Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics at University of Victoria, BC
    "Dark Matter and Light: Globular Star Clusters as Structure Formation Tracers"
  • Natasha Holmes, University of British Columbia
    "Making Comparisons: A Strategy for Teaching Critical Thinking in a First Year Physics Laboratory"
  • Bob Camley, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
    "Magnonics: The Science of Spin Waves"


  • Sarah Greenstreet, University of British Columbia and WWU Physics alumna
    "Near-Earth Asteroid Population Model: Surprises in the Inner Solar System"


  • Miriam Deutsch, University of Oregon
    "Nanostructured, Disordered Silver Films: Shedding New Light on an Old Material"
  • Kat Barger, University of Wisconsin and WWU Physics alumna
    "Understanding the Evolution of the Magellanic System through Tidal Debris: Characterizing the Magellanic Bridge "


  • Joseph Kennedy, University of Alaska, Fairbanks and WWU Physics alumnus
    "Exploring the Relation Between Crystal Fabric and Climate History in an Ice-Core Record"
  • Ben Hillman, University of Washington and WWU Physics alumnus
    "Evaluation of Clouds in Climate Models Using Instrument Simulators"
  • Miguel Morales, University of Washington
    "21cm Cosmology"
  • Stamatis Vokos, Seattle Pacific University
    "A Call To Action: Findings and Recommendations of the National Task Force on Teacher Education in Physics"
  • Pauline Barmby, University of Western Ontario
    "The Story of a Space Telescope"
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