Policy List - Academic Affairs


POL-U2100.01 Faculty Handbook (Faculty Senate website)

POL-U2100.02 Ensuring Academic Honesty

POL-U2100.03 Managing the Risk of Off-Campus Experiential Learning Programs

POL-U2100.05 Awarding an Honorary Degree

POL-U2105.01 Traveling Outside the United States

POL-U2160.01 Space Allocation - Academic Offices


POL-U3000.01 Identifying Detecting and Responding to Identity Theft Red Flags and Notices of Address Discrepancies

POL-U3000.02 Using Electronic Methods for University Communication

POL-U3000.03 Training for End-User Information Security Awareness

POL-U3000.04 Computer Use-Responsibilty Computer

POL-U3000.05 Managing Wireless Devices

POL-U3000.06 Using Electronic Signatures


POL-U4520.02 Addressing Responsible Conduct of Research

POL-U4520.03 Patent and Copyright Policy

POL-U4520.04 Using Copyrighted Materials

POL-U4520.05 Certifying Effort for Federally-Sponsored Agreements

POL-U4520.06 Reporting Financial Conflict of Interest by PHS-Funded Investigators

POL-U4520.07 Training for Research Activities on NIH and NSF-Sponsored Agreements

POL-U4520.08 Protecting Human Participants in Research

POL-U4520.09 Addressing Animal Care and Use in Research and Instruction

POL-U4900.01 Facilities Use- Library

POL-U4900.02 Posting and Handbills - Wilson Library

POL-U4910.01 Managing University Archival Records

POL-U4910.02 Curating University Artwork

POL-U4950.01 Facilities Use- Media Services

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