Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Accounting Department

Does the university provide the president with house or housing allowance?

What do you like most and least about WWU (as a start for discussion)?

The quality of a university can be evaluated by how it treats the sophomores.   They tend to be in limbo, which has immediate and long term impacts. 

We advise our students, but we only have one staff person to help manage, and it is hard to advise all students who need it – OK for majors but others also interested in preparing.

We advise and support student groups that are award winning. 

There are things the university could do to support advising.  Most advisees don’t ever come for help.  Trying to get a list of advisees is difficult.  

We could use a fact sheet FAQ on advising.   We don’t assign advisees to first year people. 

The faculty club is a good way to meet informally – there should be more opportunities. 

As we look to how we’re distinguished from other universities, it is clear that our program is as good as or better than other Us, but big Seattle firms don’t come regularly to WWU interview.

There seems to be de facto privatization of public universities.

Concerned about anti-intellectualism in blogs on the Herald.

Concerned with running start students – they are missing out on quality of top flight high school courses, and miss the beginning experience at WWU

Is anyone documenting the process for reducing the budget?   Would be a great research project.

When students/faculty win awards, we celebrate as if we were all receiving the award. 

Can’t understand why the state doesn’t sock away more money in good times to even out the bad times.

International students might be a good market to get into.  Having international students integrate with our students is important if we do.    China is a huge market and US is still the # 1 choice. 

Out of state rates are competitive with “better” schools.   Where there’s a bigger community of students from their area, it is attractive to incoming non-resident/foreign students.  


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