Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

University Advancement

Unique aspects of WWU include the CFPA, Huxley, Fairhaven.  We have a lot of specialized places for students that might not be available to students at other institutions.

We have unique opportunities due to our location such as Border Policy Research and Asia University programs.

Western provides an enriched curriculum and is very “high touch”.

There is a sense that people who came to Western years ago feel a tension with the change and evolution that has happened at the University.   In the past, it was easier to come to Western when it was a regional school.  It is important to find a common ground between our old niche and our new role as a world class university.

Strategic partnerships are important with other institutions.

Need to work on building our relationships with the Seattle area.

Need to act locally but think globally.

Look at best practices not only at other universities but other industries as well in order to move forward out of our old ways.

Look at various models of excellence to see how we might improve.  Set our goals high.

With public funding declining, more private dollars will be required.  It is important to let people know how good we are and not be shy about it.  Marketing is very important.  Our high caliber students need to be integrated into our fundraising opportunities.  Students are an untapped resource to our fundraising. 

There seems to be a “disconnect” between Western and the local community.  There is an image that we are a part from, rather than a part of.

Internal communications at Western need improvement.  We need to get consensus around our mission.  There is a need to communicate to other areas what Advancement does, educate departments as to cultivation and get out accurate information as to the role of Advancement.

It is important to build donor relationships.  People give to people. 

Page Updated 11.27.2013