Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Anthropology Department

Department is unique in Higher Education with the size of faculty we have with 250 majors and a masters program with 10-12 students each year.  You won’t find another place like this in the country. 

Working hard the past few years to reorganize undergraduate curriculum.  We rate number 20 of number of majors.  All the other 19 are R1 institutions.

We have a bit of a chip on shoulder and are looking forward to an open and transparent process.  A clear process will let us do better in other ways than we have in the past.

As a junior faculty member, I appreciate the transparency with the current budget crisis.  Understand that there will not be a strategy in Olympia that Higher Education will just suck it up.  Glad to hear that the universities are working as a cohesive group.

It is interesting that people will choose to stay local for university experience similar to the way they have been staying in state for vacations as well.  The economy seems to be making that change a reality.

Allied Health program is an area that needs support from the top.  It is a major growth area and the demands are great.

Grad program advisor – our grad program has been in an odd situation at Western.  Some departments have a grad program and then they stop it and start it again.  There is no other terminal MA in Anthropology in the state.  We are in a good position to meet a valuable need.  Graduate programs seem to have been neglected.  What is the role of the grad program at WWU? 

Grad programs can play an incredible role in providing research opportunities for our grad students and the grad students give us an opportunity to provide these opportunities to our undergrad students as well. 

We have been passed over for decades for new positions.  We have so many majors and so few faculty, it has become a burden.  How can we sustain our excellence with the load that we carry?

Supports decision regarding the football program.  Our students have been very supportive of the decision. 

As a department, we are getting old.  We need to add position that will attract younger faculty.  Our department will face a complete turnover in the near future.

The level of communication of the administration has been fantastic.


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